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About the Association of Traditional Hooking Artists

"Let ATHA start you on your personal creative journey today...ATHA leads the way in providing resources across the globe for everyone who has an interest in rug hooking—whether you just pulled your first loop or have been rug hooking for years. We truly believe the creativity of our members with their broad and diverse experience will inspire you. This creative energy is what keeps ATHA members abreast of the latest ideas and resources available for this art form. This large pool of resources gives everyone the tools they need to be a part of this grand tradition of self-expression."

As a creative member of this global community you will be a part of:

  • Bimonthly Color Magazine, Art of Rug Hooking

  • Biennial Conventions

  • State of the Art Website

  • Two Regional Rug Schools

  • Global Workshops

  • Regional Rug Shows

  • Regional Rug Challenges

  • 70+Local chapters

  • Largest Lending Library of Hooking Related Resources"

above from the ATHA Website                   

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